Dear Members:

There will be a meeting of the General Council of the Corporation of St. George’s on Thursday, 25th, January 2024 at 6:00PM in the Towne Hall to consider the following:


1. Confirmation of Quorum
2. Open Meeting
3. Apologies
4. Adoption of Minutes of previous meeting
5. Matters Arising
6. Town Manager/Secretary Report

7. Committee Reports & Recommendations
a. Finance & Property – Councillor Lynwood Trott JP

I. Resolution: To award $10,000.00 St. George’s Crown Newspaper with the condition to include calendar events.
II. Resolution: To award $10,000.00 to the St George Historical Society 
III. Resolution: To award $50,000.00 to The St. George’s Foundation
IV. Resolution: To award $15,000.00 to The Friends of St Peter’s Church
V. Capital Acquisition - Purchase Intermediate Truck 

b. Infrastructure & Development – Mayor Quinell Francis JP
c. Activities – Councillor Tianny Butterfield

8. Government Board Members Reports
a. Planning Board
b. Fire Services Advisory Board
9. Other Board Member Reports
a. St. George’s Preservation Authority
10. Public Participation
11. Any Other Business

Foggo | Town Manager & Secretary