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One of the oldest Towns in the western hemisphere ready to serve your daily needs.
Shop. Dine. Reconnect.
We invite you to experience what makes St George the best town in the western hemisphere — our family, friendliness and most importantly, culture.
Born in 1612 from a shipwreck, the Town of St. George has served the community for over 400 years. St. George has survived two world wars, the invention of the industrial age, the space age, and the internet age, and now lives in the AI age with fibre serving 1,000 Mbps going to homes that are powered by solar panels.
We keep small-town living alive; our 400-year history shows we are adaptive to new ideas. Town elders have struck the right balance between natural beauty, environment, and tranquilly against town commerce and the need for advancement. We have ensured our historical buildings and homes remain intact for generations to come.
St. George's offers a one-of-a-kind experience. You can live in a 17th-century home; buy fresh local food or dine on international fare; connect to the world over fibre internet, or lounge on the Square with FREE WiFi. Plus, you get a hometown football and cricket team that wins! And you can reconnect with Bermuda's early beginnings through your choice of sailing clubs.

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