The World Health Organisation has defined Quality of Life as ‘individuals’ perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live, and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns’. St Georgians seek access to safe and affordable housing, good health care, secure employment, a healthy and accessible environment and diverse recreational opportunities. These are priorities.

GOAL A: Achieve a high quality of life for residents

Objective: To create a safe, friendly and healthy environment in which all residents thrive


Survey respondents identified the following priorities for action:

  • Job creation
  • Need to draw businesses to town so it become less of a commuter town
  • Too many run-down, empty buildings
  • Lack of land/facilities
  • Need for more modern/apartment style housing/micro-living options to attract young professionals
  • Accessibility issues
  • Address traffic flow, parking and pedestrianisation
  • Need for a daily ferry to Hamilton
  • Growing homeless population
  • Need for housing suited to elderly
  • Need for better social programmes/wellness offerings for seniors and after school care programmes
  • Need for police station in Town
  • More night time entertainment
  • More night time public transport and taxis
  • Better marketing of what Town does have to offer
  • Need to be more welcoming to new residents


Key opportunities identified:

  • More realistically priced housing
  • Amenities close by - shops, restaurants, banks, churches etc
  • Special provisions under Residential zoning allow relaxation of new development standards to fit into St George’s unique urban fabric without detracting from Town’s distinctive character
  • 2 year payroll tax exemption for businesses moving to Town
  • Good networking opportunities
  • Availability of land for building more modern housing units
  • Peaceful, quiet, tranquil and clean
  • Harbourside views, forts and walking trails
  • Attractive gardens, good eateries, historically interesting buildings
  • Old world charm
  • Generally safe
  • Proximity of Urgent Care facility


A1. Improve and maintain the appearance of the Town

A2. Enhance and maintain public safety

A3. Develop a bespoke St George Town Plan for land use and development of more diverse housing stock and commercial opportunities

A4. Undertake a transportation study and implement recommendations

A5. Protect the natural environment

A6. Facilitate and encourage healthy lifestyles

A7. Become a more welcoming community