The Process

The Corporation of St George kicked off this planning exercise with a community survey, to get the initial input from the community as to what the Town of St George means to them, what works, what doesn’t work and what ideas they have for improving the Town. We coupled this with a background report presenting more detail on the demographics of our resident and working population.

We certainly recognise that this is not the first attempt at strategic planning for St. George. Indeed “concern about inertia, too much discussion and not enough decision-making, action, and follow-up quality assurance” were highlighted as problems in a community survey conducted as part of this planning process.

So in developing this Strategic Plan, we have also started to advance it to the next step, an Action Plan.

We have done this by starting to identify the actions and partners required to implement the Strategy, the actual deliverables expected and the timelines and likely costs. This Action Plan will help to track action and activities and allow us to measure our progress. That said, this Strategic Plan and linked Action Plan is not completely prescriptive, but rather it provides the framework for a living document that can evolve as the community’s needs evolve.

Going forwards, the Corporation of St George will continue to reach out to the community to solicit their views and encourage more people to participate, so that we are sure the Plan reflects the needs of our community. As needs change, we will endeavour to ensure that the priorities and actions within the plan reflect these changes.