Without doubt, St Georgians appreciate the sense of community that the Town offers both residents and visitors. Celebrating this community spirit is a core goal, and it includes embracing and promoting the sense of pride that the Town feels about its historic significance. We will ensure integration of this Plan with the World heritage Management Plan when released.

GOAL B: Celebrate our sense of community

Objective: To preserve, enhance and promote our community and cultural assets to attract new residents, visitors and investment opportunities


Survey respondents identified the following priorities for action:

  • Need for a daily/weekly Town market
  • Would benefit from having a community garden/allotments
  • Need to address the fact that the community doesn’t fully appreciate/is not committed to the World Heritage Site designation or even know what it means
  • Need more products that focus on our heritage
  • Need to better maintain the St George Community Centre and extend the summer programmes
  • Need to give Town Square more prominence as a community venue
  • Identify a location for an entertainment centre/skate park/trampoline park for youth
  • Consider a location for a library/community hall
  • Establish community sports teams


Key opportunities identified:

  • Already strong sense of community
  • Good networking opportunities and friendly community
  • Strong history of community volunteer participation
  • Multigenerational familial backgrounds
  • UNESCO World Heritage Status
  • World Heritage Plan update due
  • St George’s Community Centre
  • Bermuda National Trust properties and other heritage offerings
  • Historic buildings within easy walking distance
  • Town Square
  • Accessible Forts
  • Establishment of St George Business Stakeholder Committee
  • A thriving community of local artists and artisans


B1. Improve networking within the community

B2. Engage our citizens

B3. Promote our UNESCO designation

B4. Cultivate a positive visitor experience

B5. Encourage and support events celebrating our town

B6. Foster the development of the Town as a cultural hub