The success of St George is largely driven by small business operations and entrepreneurs. We will focus on ways to remove barriers to innovation, assist in providing access to the right information and services, including ensuring a comprehensive and reliable supporting infrastructure. We will also create opportunities for collaboration and promoting the Town.

GOAL C: Foster a supportive environment for business and investment

Objective: To develop a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining business and investment in our Town


Survey respondents identified the following priorities for action:

  • Greater clarity needed over what brand the town is seeking e.g. historic venue, experiential destination etc
  • Lack of business acumen and/or appropriate product so need for training opportunities/market research
  • More flexibility is needed by the local businesses; opening times are mis-matched with visitor excursions to the town.
  • Poor marketing
  • Lack of events/activities
  • Building upgrades needed to attract commercial growth
  • Town looks neglected
  • Infrastructure (goods and services) in need of upgrade
  • Need to provide broader range of goods and services
  • Night time economy thwarted by lack of transport so need to address this
  • Lack of charging stations for Twizzy’s
  • Lack of taxis and Gypsy cabs operating
  • Part-time opening hours
  • No ferries
  • Limited docking for local leisure boats


Key opportunities identified:

  • Promoting town as a commuter town
  • Promoting town as a place to work from
  • Opportunity to develop niche market
  • Better leveraging of cruise ship spending; need to consider crew as well as paying passengers
  • Vacant occupancy tax
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel development will increase the number of residents through housing of staff as well as tourists
  • New marina will increase number of visitors (crews and owners) and resident population if there are liveaboards; Already seen as a hub by visiting yachtsmen)
  • Bermuda Tourism Plan 2018 – Mixed Use zonings create opportunity
  • Partnerships with private sector investors (hotel, marina)
  • Funding via grants
  • Electric bicycles and twizzys


C1. Bring key stakeholders and business community together to promote a coordinated approach

C2. Create plans that reflect future economic needs through the use of existing and available development sites

C3. Develop Business Attraction and Retention Program/s/incentives

C4. Make use of our historic significance and waterfront location to attract development initiatives

C5. Foster and maintain positive relationships with the local and island-wide business community