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Discover the advantages of working in St George, where cutting-edge technology, exceptional business services, and a personalized touch combine to create a productive and rewarding work environment. Collaborate with like-minded professionals to stimulate creativity and collaboration by tapping into the town's network of bright individuals.
As Bermuda's only World Heritage Site, our town has a thriving community with a variety of recreational and cultural attractions in addition to business services. We recognize that a healthy business ecosystem necessitates a supportive infrastructure.
As a result, our community also gives access to a variety of tools, such as networking events, company development programs, and entrepreneurial assistance. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our community is dedicated to assisting you in reaching your objectives.
The Town's Business Hub
Having a dedicated space where business owners can separate themselves from their usual surroundings and connect with other entrepreneurs has proven to be incredibly valuable. This shared space fosters open communication, collaboration, and the generation of fresh ideas.
Connect With St. George's
Reach out to our town partners to make your dreams a reality.
We manage infrastructure that serves the town and produce community engagement programmes.


We support the growth of business in the Economic Empowerment Zone of the Town of St. George.

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We help address current issues that will impact the success of business growth nationally.

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We market Bermuda internationally and assist in attracting customer to the Town for leisure and entertainment.

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Work Space
The Town of St. George's holds the remarkable distinction of being Bermuda's longest-serving business hub. Since as early as 1612, it has consistently adapted and thrived through every stage of business evolution, remaining resilient to this day and now offering businesses cutting-edge 1 gigabit internet, hosting super yachts, and operating a 5-star resort.

Explore by land, bike or sea.

Executive Perks
This is exclusive to the Town of St. George.
Benefits & Capacity

The Town offers a wide range of office spaces that can cater to diverse industries such as law, technology, and accounting. Additionally, it has the capacity to comfortably host up to 5,000 guests for major events, providing ample town parking. Moreover, the Town provides exceptional spaces for one-on-one meetings, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Here are some of the prime venues available:

  • Town Hall: Perfect for intimate breakout sessions accommodating 10 to 20 people.
  • Penno's Wharf Terminal: Ideal for larger gatherings of up to 150 people.
  • Somers Garden: Offers a picturesque setting surrounded by natural beauty, perfect for private events.
  • Ordnance Island: An excellent choice for large events requiring crowd control and customizable open-plan arrangements.

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St. George's stands out as the sole location in Bermuda that offers comprehensive business entertainment services. It encompasses five-star accommodations, spas, a golf course, super yacht facilities, and a wide range of business services.