Alfonso Harris is the dedicated proprietor of Churchill's Ltd., a charming retail outlet nestled at 27 York St. in the picturesque Town of St. George.

Born and raised in the sunny landscapes of Sacramento, California, Alfonso's journey took him on a four-year stint in Boston before fate guided him to the tranquil shores of Bermuda. For the past 21 years, St. George's has been his cherished home, where he has found solace and purpose amidst the close-knit community.

Alfonso's educational path encompassed institutions such as La Sierra High School in Sacramento, Boston University, the University of Maryland in Bermuda, and Bermuda College.  Drawing from his experiences within Bermuda's lively hospitality industry, Alfonso contributed to notable establishments like Castle Harbour, Swizzle Inn, the Corporation of Hamilton, B.U.E.I., Majestic Innovations, and the White Horse Tavern. Through these ventures, he honed his business acumen and developed a deep appreciation for delivering exceptional customer service.

Alfonso's connection to St. George's blossomed during his time as an employee of Castle Harbour resort and hotel in the 80s and 90s. Frequent visits to the Town forged a strong bond, prompting him to purchase a house on Chapel Lane in 2002. It was in 2004 that he acquired Churchill's Ltd., a cherished opportunity to contribute to the local community while raising his family.

With an unwavering dedication to St. George's, Alfonso has actively engaged with the Corporation of St. George and embraced the Town's rich heritage. With each passing day, he continues to make a positive impact, both as a successful proprietor and as a beloved member of the community.