Tianny Butterfield is an accomplished professional with a passion for managing affairs and making a positive impact in her community. As the Overseer of Treasures at Orange Bay Company and the General Manager of Bermuda's #1 Consignment store, Tianny brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role.

Born and raised in the vibrant town of St. George's, Tianny has deep roots in the community. She has spent the majority of her life in St. George's, residing in different neighborhoods such as Wellington Street, Shinbone Alley, and most recently, Cut Road. This connection to her hometown has shaped her values and fueled her commitment to its growth and prosperity.

Tianny's educational journey began at East End Primary School and Bermuda Institute. She then pursued higher education, completing a year at Oakwood College, now known as Oakwood University. This educational foundation has equipped her with valuable knowledge and skills that she applies to her professional endeavors.

With an extensive background in banking, Tianny honed her financial acumen and developed a keen eye for detail during her 15-year tenure at a local bank. Her experience in the banking sector provided her with a solid foundation in managing complex operations and fostering strong relationships.

However, Tianny's career took an exciting turn when she made the decision to prioritize her family and become a stay-at-home mom. This role allowed her to fully dedicate herself to her loved ones while maintaining her connection to her community.

As a St. George's girl at heart, Tianny is deeply committed to her hometown. Her family's generational ties to St. George's, coupled with her education and professional experiences, have instilled in her a profound love and appreciation for the town's rich heritage. Tianny's passion for St. George's is evident as she continues to raise her own family in this remarkable town, creating new memories and preserving its vibrant spirit.

In her current positions as Overseer of Treasures at Orange Bay Company and General Manager of Bermuda's #1 Consignment store, Tianny combines her expertise, passion, and deep understanding of the community to drive success. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating a positive experience for customers while contributing to the growth and prosperity of St. George's.

Tianny Butterfield is a dynamic and inspiring leader, embodying the spirit of St. George's in all her endeavors. With her unwavering commitment, she strives to make a lasting impact, ensuring a bright future for her community and leaving a remarkable legacy for generations to come.