Elizabeth Christopher is a highly skilled lawyer specialising in litigation and advocacy. Born and raised in Pembroke, she has always been passionate about law and justice. Elizabeth's educational journey took her through prestigious institutions such as Central School, Berkeley Institute, Bermuda College, the College of William and Mary, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Bar Vocational Course.

With a wealth of professional experience, Elizabeth has dedicated 11 years of her career to the Corporation of St. George's, where she has made significant contributions in her role. Additionally, she serves as the Warden of St. George's Church Vestry at St. Peter's. Her commitment to the community extends to her involvement with the Bermuda Pilot Gid Club, where she serves as the St. George's location captain and board member. She is also a valued member of the East End Mini Yacht Club.

Elizabeth's connection to St. George's runs deep, as she can trace her family's matrilineal line back to the 18th century. This historical bond fuels her dedication to the town and its heritage.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Elizabeth enjoys exploring her interests in art, literature, and travel. She brings a unique blend of legal expertise, community involvement, and a deep-rooted connection to St. George's, making her an invaluable asset to the legal profession and the community she serves.